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Prague Quadrennial 2007

The 2007 Prague Quadrennial - international competitive exhibition of scenography and theatre architecture, will celebrate its 40th year of existence in 2007. The competition will be held in the Industrial Palace, Prague, Czech Republic.

There is no other event like the Prague Quadrennial anywhere in the world. The PQ reminds us that theatre is perhaps first and foremost a visual and spatial event. - General Commissioner of PQ 07 Arnold Aronson, Professor of Theater and head of Dramaturgy at Columbia University.

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The Globe Theatre - Destroyed

Earth, Wind and Fire have not been kind to Pragues theatres in recent years and the latest victim is Pragues replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. reported in November that the theatre, built in 1999 burnt to the ground in the early hours of Saturday, November 11th. Eye witnesses describe two loud bangs before discovering the fire.

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