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Theatre Design 101 / New Costume Galleries

Hi all,

We've just opened our new design at Scenography - The Theatre Design Website

we have four new galleries (including a costume gallery) as well as a whole new section devoted to the more basic of theatre design subjects "Theatre Design 101" it's in its infancy at the moment but we set it up to try and deal with the hundreds of requests we get each year from school pupils asking us to help them with project research!

Our basic mens and women blocks are still up for download (iPod ebook or regular printing versions) and we hope to add to our costume section (traditionnaly the most popular area) now that we have an dedicated Associate Editor for costume!

and finally were well on target for opening our user editable portfolio pages - membership of which is open to professional designers, costume makers puppet makers, performance artists, scenic artists, props-makers, lighting designers and stage managers as well as students taking an undergraduate course.
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